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Composite Pattern Intro
chris | 14 February

Sometimes you really want to operate a swarm of objects the exact same way that you’d operate a single instance

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Flyweight Intro
chris | 14 January

When memory matters (and it kinda matters everywhere), the flyweight pattern is super… fly! It’s used way more often than

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Bridge Pattern Intro
chris | 6 December

Listen to this description of the Bridge Pattern: [Its purpose is to] decouple an abstraction from its implementation so that

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Adapter Intro
chris | 15 November

The Adapter pattern pretty much does what you’d expect. It’s easy to remember. It’s easy to implement. But can it

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The Chain of Responsibility Intro
chris | 2 October

What do you do when a long list of conditionals know too much about the objects they’re trying to access?

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Command Intro
chris | 1 October

A compendious (and thunky!) introduction to the Command Pattern.

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Series 1 Introduction
chris | 30 September

What is the most expressive, concise, functional way to learn design patterns? Compendious Thunks, of course! With… Dart?

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