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Extreme Extensibility in the Bridge Pattern
chris | 9 December

Code that rocks the Bridge Pattern tends to be wonderful. It’s easy to maintain. It’s easy to extend. It’s also

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Bridge Pattern Intro
chris | 6 December

Listen to this description of the Bridge Pattern: [Its purpose is to] decouple an abstraction from its implementation so that

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Async Adapters
chris | 2 December

Patterns aren’t just for old-fashioned, blocking code. You can find many — like the Adapter Pattern — in asynchronous code.

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Two-Way Adapters
chris | 29 November

Adapter code that needs to function natively in both our code and their code needs a little kick. It needs…

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Pluggable Adapter 2: The Revenge of Classes and Objects
chris | 25 November

Were you horrified by last episode’s Pluggable Adapter? Do you recoil at the mention of the word “callback”? Do you

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Pluggable Adapters
chris | 22 November

You’ll need an account to access this thunky content. Sign-up for a most compendious plan now! If you previously created

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The Class Adapter
chris | 18 November

It’s easy to fixate on the class or object version of the Adapter Pattern. But if you’re adapting something, it’s

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Adapter Intro
chris | 15 November

The Adapter pattern pretty much does what you’d expect. It’s easy to remember. It’s easy to implement. But can it

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Runtime Successors in the Chain of Responsibility
chris | 11 November

You didn’t think the successor chain had to be hard-coded into the class definitions, did you? Of course not! So

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Non-Delivery in the Chain of Responsibility
chris | 8 November

What happens when a request reaches the end of the successor chain? Does it get lost in the ether? Should

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