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Flyweight Intro
chris | 14 January

When memory matters (and it kinda matters everywhere), the flyweight pattern is super… fly! It’s used way more often than

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When Visitors Get Too Friendly
chris | 10 January

Friends are amazing. They’re a good thing in code too. But it’s easy to get too much of a good

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Visitor vs Iterator!
chris | 6 January

At first blush, it might seem like an iterator can solve the same problem that the Visitor Pattern solves. But

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Adding New Types to the Visitor Object Structure
chris | 3 January

The visitor pattern works best with mature, stable object structures. But since those rarely exist, let’s look at making the

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Who Travels the Object Structure in the Visitor?
chris | 30 December

The answer to that question can get a little intense. Well, no, not really, but it definitely makes for some

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New Operations in the Visitor Pattern
chris | 27 December

It’s easy to add new operations with the Visitor Pattern. How easy? Can I add 2 in a single, compendious

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Visitor Pattern Intro
chris | 23 December

Object structures tend to mimic life. Which is to say, that they’re a complete mess. But thanks to the Visitor

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Choosing Implementors on the Fly
chris | 20 December

You can get pretty creative with implementors in the Bridge Pattern. We’ve already seen some examples of that, but swapping

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Sharing Implementors in the Bridge Pattern
chris | 16 December

Once you have solid separation of abstraction and implementation with the bridge pattern, it’s time to exploit. In this episode,

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Choose Your Own Bridge Implementor
chris | 13 December

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