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Composite Easiness
chris | 4 April

The Composite Pattern makes for all kinds of easy in code. But as code evolves, guard against veering from the

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Maximum Composite
chris | 20 March

How much should composite and component share? Pretty much everything, it turns out. Just watch out for some potential consequences

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Composite Hierarchies
chris | 18 February

Composing is built into the Composite Pattern name. But it goes a bit beyond composing simple composites of composites. We

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When Visitors Get Too Friendly
chris | 10 January

Friends are amazing. They’re a good thing in code too. But it’s easy to get too much of a good

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Visitor vs Iterator!
chris | 6 January

At first blush, it might seem like an iterator can solve the same problem that the Visitor Pattern solves. But

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Non-Delivery in the Chain of Responsibility
chris | 8 November

What happens when a request reaches the end of the successor chain? Does it get lost in the ether? Should

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