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Runtime Successors in the Chain of Responsibility
chris | 11 November

You didn’t think the successor chain had to be hard-coded into the class definitions, did you? Of course not! So

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Non-Delivery in the Chain of Responsibility
chris | 8 November

What happens when a request reaches the end of the successor chain? Does it get lost in the ether? Should

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Auto-Forwarding the Chain of Responsibility
chris | 4 November

If you’re working in a truly thunky language, there is a nifty little solution that helps avoid repeating successor chain

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Multi-Requested Chain of Responsibility
chris | 1 November

Eliminating conditionals is the Chain of Responsibility’s power. But flexibility is the pattern’s super power. Let’s look at the different

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Whither the Successor in the Chain of Responsibility
chris | 28 October

The successor chain is kinda important in the Chain of Responsibility. So where it is located is important. Thankfully, this

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The Chain of Responsibility Intro
chris | 2 October

What do you do when a long list of conditionals know too much about the objects they’re trying to access?

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