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Choosing Implementors on the Fly
chris | 20 December

You can get pretty creative with implementors in the Bridge Pattern. We’ve already seen some examples of that, but swapping

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Sharing Implementors in the Bridge Pattern
chris | 16 December

Once you have solid separation of abstraction and implementation with the bridge pattern, it’s time to exploit. In this episode,

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Choose Your Own Bridge Implementor
chris | 13 December

You’ll need an account to access this thunky content. Sign-up for a most compendious plan now! If you previously created

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Extreme Extensibility in the Bridge Pattern
chris | 9 December

Code that rocks the Bridge Pattern tends to be wonderful. It’s easy to maintain. It’s easy to extend. It’s also

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Bridge Pattern Intro
chris | 6 December

Listen to this description of the Bridge Pattern: [Its purpose is to] decouple an abstraction from its implementation so that

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