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Series one will cover a total of 7 design patterns, each with 4-5 screencasts. Included will be Command, The Chain of Responsibility, Visitor, Flyweight, and more! Start watching now:

Auto-Forwarding the Chain of Responsibility
chris | 4 November

If you’re working in a truly thunky language, there is a nifty little solution that helps avoid repeating successor chain

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Multi-Requested Chain of Responsibility
chris | 1 November

Eliminating conditionals is the Chain of Responsibility’s power. But flexibility is the pattern’s super power. Let’s look at the different

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Whither the Successor in the Chain of Responsibility
chris | 28 October

The successor chain is kinda important in the Chain of Responsibility. So where it is located is important. Thankfully, this

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Command Explosion
chris | 21 October

The Command Pattern is pretty great, but there seems to be a lot of code involved. How do we keep

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Macro Commands
chris | 18 October

Can you build commands from other commands? You betcha! Just be on the lookout for better redo because macros can

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Command Redoing Undo
chris | 14 October

How can History in the Command Pattern get more powerful than undo? Why redo, of course! And don’t forget to

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Command with Multiple Receivers
chris | 11 October

The Command Pattern should be compendious. But what happens when you use multiple command types with Undo support? What if

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The Chain of Responsibility Intro
chris | 2 October

What do you do when a long list of conditionals know too much about the objects they’re trying to access?

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Command Undo
chris | 1 October

In which we start to explore the power of the Command Pattern by adding support for undoing commands. You’ll need

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Command Intro
chris | 1 October

A compendious (and thunky!) introduction to the Command Pattern.

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