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Why Thunk Compendiously?

Invest in you with Compendious Thunks. Invest in your career. Invest in you as a programmer. 

Great programming means that learning never stops. Learning new languages and new libraries  is a great way to keep programming skills fresh. But there comes a point of diminishing returns. There comes a point when we need to put it all together.

Enter Compendious Thunks.

Spend less time chasing programming fads and still become a more valuable programmer… while watching 5 minute screencasts!

Design patterns are best when examining existing code. Don’t use patterns indiscriminately to build new code. Instead, better understand the interactions and implications of the code that you already have. Your code and (more importantly) your co-workers will thank you!
Compendious Thunks starts here!

Learn the simple keys to writing compendious code — the Compendious Thunks way! Time-tested principles will teach you to appreciate writing accurate, robust, maintainable code. And, of course, learn to love testing!

Compendious Thunks will begin examining coding principles in Series 2.

Ooh, shiny! Who can resist cool, new tech? Not Compendious Thunks! Explore new tools and technology from a unique perspective: through the lens of principles and practices. Compendious Thunks primarily codes in Dart, but will branch out to explore web, networking, HTML5, mobile and more. Everything you need on the modern web!

Compendious Thunks will look at its first new technology in Series 3.

Get the Most from Compendious Thunks

You can get a ton just from the free plan. Sign up to receive updates whenever new thunks are posted. Watch the intros along with the full transcript and interactive source code.

Of course, the real learning happens after the introduction. Add pattern and principle videos to your account on demand — or buy the entire series. You still get the intros. More importantly, you tie it all together.

Payment is quick and safe with either a credit card or Paypal.

Email updates are safe (we will never resell your address) and steady (~2 a week when new episodes are being made).

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