You're a good programmer

You want to be great

(and you'd kinda like to have a life)

A Most Compendious Introduction

Compendious thunks are short screencasts. This is the intro. It might shock at first, but it’ll wind up delighting. Promise!

Series 1 is now in progress!

We’re already deep into to the Command Pattern (including Undo & Macro Commands) and the Chain of Responsibility. Find out what’s next…

What's Included


  • Glorious HD
  • 5 minutes or less
  • Simple animations to illustrate patterns and practices
  • Subtitles
  • Complete transcripts
  • Coding examples to see concepts put into action
  • New thunks roughly twice weekly


  • Topics are first explored in the blog
  • Watch as the most compendious, thunkiest approaches are found
  • More in-depth treatments for topics too large for a screencast
  • Daily research notes when in research mode

The Compendious Thunks Advantage


You’re a solid coder. You've produced some great apps. But you've begun to suspect that there's a better path to great code than learning yet another framework.


Compendious Thunks are short animations and coding screencasts built with just the right balance of information and accessible presentation. Patterns are living, active things — your learning should be as well!

Time is precious

At 5 minutes a pop, you get clear, concise (compendious) HD screencasts. Because you have a life outside of work (or would like to).


Strengthen your ability to understand complexity, and to bring sanity in its place. Make yourself more valuable with a deep understanding of patterns and practices that are more relevant today than when they were first identified.


Frustrated with sample code written for ancient windowing libraries or examples that are too simplistic to apply in real life? Let's build knowledge in familiar grounds.

Chris and the Disco Ball

Presented by Chris Strom

I teach JavaScript and 3D Game Programming to kids. I teach Dart to Hipsters. I help teach Backbone.js, Polymer and more to everyone. If I can do that, then I can teach you essential programming tools and techniques in 5 minutes!